Smith Center for Healing and the Arts
Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery
Washington, DC


Artist Statement

The idea of exploring the theme OUR COMMON THREAD and transforming a flat sphere into a vessel representing the complexities of our humanity, gave me the opportunity to re-examine personal familial objects with a fresh eye. Leftover buttons and needles from my grandmother’s tailoring days became precious objects that took on new meaning in the development of the vessel. All sizes and colors, elegant, or plain hold a place of importance and respect in the composition. Each object needs another object to complete the harmony. Multicolored threads connect the pieces to each other and to the base in an intimate entanglement. Similarly, we humans are also connected in a universal dance of rhythms and patterns that often seem tangled or even worse – invisible. These energies or threads can become apparent and reveal their beauty if we confront, accept, and treasure our common destiny.
– Eleanor Kotlarik Wang